Print: Prepress

Prepress uses the latest software and PDF workflow technology. We can handle both Mac and PC formats with FTP facilities available to receive electronic files.


All files are automatically preflight checked as they are received to ensure there are no potential problems prior to printing.

Proofs are created for every job for client approval before going to press. Clients can choose to receive hard copy proof we recommend use of our online 'soft' proofing system, AGFA Web Portal, for faster turn around print production, however, use our online 'soft' proofing system, AGFA Web Portal.

Printing plates are made using the latest, chemical free computer-to-plate (CTP) processing technology, and are recycled after use.

Prepress Helpdesk

If you need help or advice on technical specifications, creation of PDFs or file submission, you can contact our Prepress team directly

For Litho Printing: 01924 204854

For Digital Printing: 01924 204858