Our Commitment To Sustainability

Charlesworth Press takes its responsibility for the environment seriously, with investment in new, more energy-efficient machinery and the implementation of strict recycling processes.

Our Values

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Sustainable Process

Our books, journals, magazines and prints are manufactured in an environmentally-friendly way, minimising waste and unnecessary energy loss. We have invested in the very latest plant machinery which not only produces high quality in a more efficient manner, but uses less electricity and allows us to lower our carbon footprint.

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We use sustainably forested paper for all of our products, and we are committed to ensuring our customers can be confident their products are made with minimal environmental damage.

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Working Standards

As we work with paper every day, we have implemented an effective recycling system - ensuring we don’t waste anything at any stage in the process, allowing us to use recycled paper for packaging and boards.

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Future Plans

As Charlesworth Press grows as a business, our ambition to lower our carbon footprint to zero increases - and whilst there will still be many challenges along the way, we believe a highly efficient plant which minimises waste and downtime whilst continuing to invest in the latest eco-friendly machines will allow us to achieve that target.